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Types of Cybersecurity

In a world where so much of our lives revolve around the internet, cybersecurity is more important than ever. Businesses must have a protection plan in place to provide security not only for the company but for its employees and customers as well. The first defensive step is identifying the different types of cybersecurity to provide the best blanket of protection.

There are five main types of cybersecurity necessary to protect your business:

The first type of cybersecurity is critical infrastructure security. Critical infrastructure includes any cyber-physical systems, for example, the electricity grid, water purification, hospitals, etc. Even companies who do not directly work with these systems should prepare for the possibility of these system's vulnerabilities.

The second type of cybersecurity is application security. Using both software and hardware programs during the application's developmental phases will ensure the . Examples of application security are antiviruses, firewalls, and encryptions.

Third, network security is a way to secure your company's data internally. Using things like passwords, monitored access, training for staff, etc. you can strengthen your internal network security.

Cloud Security is the fourth type of cybersecurity. Storing our business' data in the cloud is a convenient option; however, without the proper precautions, cloud storage is a considerable risk of a data breach. Cloud security usually consists of software-based tools specifically designed to protect your stored information.

Lastly is the internet of things (IoT) security. The online connectivity to such items as refrigerators, vacuums, printers, etc. are all vulnerable to being hacked. Before using these items, businesses must ensure their defenses. Properly research all these items before bringing them into your business.

Protecting your business, employees, and consumers is a top priority. By identifying all the vulnerable cybersecurity areas, you can discover solutions. Training, protective software, and cyber protection professionals are all great tools to secure your information and business.

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