“Chance favors only the prepared mind.”

- Louis Pasteur

Top 10 Cybersecurity Threats

Ransomware is not a new threat; in fact, the first attack took place back in 1989.  Cybersecurity analysts have stated that in 2020, there were 304 million ransomware attacks worldwide.  Their predictions are even more concerning for 2021 with an estimated $20 billion in damages.  A ransomware attack when a cybercriminal attaches malicious software on files and prevents the victim from accessing those files and threatens to publish the content of the files unless a ransom is paid. In 2020, the largest ransom amount was paid out in July of 2020 in the amount of $4.5 million.  Unfortunately, the payout amounts are increasing drastically.  In July 2021, the highest requested payout amount reached $70 million.  Cyber Protection Services has stayed up to date on all the ransomware trends and has experts ready to prevent and defend against these vicious attacks and save your organization potentially millions of dollars in damages and payouts. (Backlink to services page)